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Knowledge is Power (Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), English philosopher and statesman)


To promote simple, non-dogmatic, general, interrelated and harmonious understanding of science (especially as represented by ICT), theology and philosophy.


To contribute to the knowledge process globally towards emancipating humans from material and spiritual ignorance, poverty of ideas and their consequences.

Focal Areas of Knowledge

Christian Knowledge; Islamic Knowledge; Traditional Religious Knowledge; Fringe Religious Knowledge; General Scientific Knowledge; Philosophical Knowledge (i.e. Epistemology – The Theory of Knowledge); Experiential Knowledge; Alternative Knowledge; Tribal/Ethnic Knowledge; Alternative Medical/Herbal Knowledge and Practice; Integrated Knowledge; African ‘Scientific’ Knowledge; Thanatological/eschatological Knowledge; Oneirological Knowledge; Oriental Knowledge; Occidental Knowledge; Cosmological Knowledge; Ontological Knowledge; Other Related Knowledge Systems.

About the Society

The Society for the Advancement of ICT & Comparative Knowledge (SOCTHADICK) is an international non-ethnic, non-sectional intellectual forum to study and unravel the connections between the physical and metaphysical realm of the universe. This is achieved via a non-trivial integrated comparative study of science, theology and philosophy.

The Society is essentially a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). It has two broad focal group, namely (i) ICT Group (ii) Comparative Knowledge Group. As an intellectual forum, Associate Membership is available for interested individuals and corporate organizations. An Associate Member may opt to be active in either or both groups. Programmes of the Society include commissioned research, commissioned survey, workshops, seminars, colloquiums, publications etc. Programmes are carried out mainly online with occasional physical activities.

Some publications in which the society is an active collaborator include: (a) African Journal of Computing & ICT, https://afrjcict.net (b) African Journal of Management Information System, https://afrjmis.net

Associate Membership is open to all irrespective of social, religious, economic, financial, academic, ethnic or religious status. That is, the Society is open to both the low and the mighty; the proletariat/peasants and the bourgeoisie; pupils, students, artisans, traders, business executives, civil and public servants, teachers etc. Apart from having a State Coordinator in each of the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, it is the goal of the Society to have an International Coordinator in each of the continents of the world.

A person who is interested in becoming an Associate Member of the Society is simply required to complete the online form and submit. General enquiries, comments, questions and suggestions may also be communicated by completing the form or via the Society’s email (info.socthadick@gmail.com).

There is no membership fee. However, voluntary donations are welcome from the public. Also, payment may be requested for certain special services of the Society.



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