The Society for the Advancement of ICT and Comparative Knowledge (SOCTHADICK) is here paying tribute to Elder Akanni Yahaya Junaid (1940 – 2020), a seasoned high school teacher and administrator. This tribute is a testament to the good works of teachers at the primary and secondary school levels. The vast majority of these teachers are unsung and unrecognized in the contemporary (Nigerian) society despite their enormous foundational input to the success of students at the tertiary education level. Elder A. Y. Junaid taught General Mathematics and Additional Mathematics (now called Further Mathematics) at the Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro, via Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria (popularly called COMPRO) between 1976 and 1981.

Mathematics is often called the ‘queen of the sciences’. There is no doubt that the subject forms an essential pillar for ICT and sound knowledge, which are focal interest of SOCTHADICK. Members and partners of SOCTHADICK, especially pupils, students and teachers, will learn some important things from the biodata and testimonial on Elder A. Y. Junaid. Click HERE for details.

After his stint at COMPRO, Elder A. Y. Junaid was transferred to the Inspectorate Division of the Ministry of Education headquarters, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He retired in 1987 as Assistant Chief Inspector of Education.

Certainly, the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain! On this note, the teachers at COMPRO are being used here as a model for appreciating all Nigerian high school teachers and other teachers in all countries of the world. Thus, apart from Elder A. Y. Junaid, tribute is similarly being paid to all living and deceased teachers at COMPRO, especially those who were staff between 1975 and 1980. These include the following, among others: Mr. Khan (Physics), Mr. Whittaker (Physics), Mr. Koleade (Youth Corper and subsequently a regular teacher; Agricultural Science), Mr. A.A. Ogundipe (House Master), Mr. Onabajo (General Mathematics), Rev. Soyombo (Agricultural Science & Vice Principal), Mr. Owa (Mathematics), Mr. Dada (Social Studies & Form 1 Master), Mrs. Oyegbami (English Language), Mrs. Olateju (Chemistry), Mrs. Idowu (English Language) and Mrs. Barton (English Language). Others include Mr. Soaga (Social Studies), Mr. Odelana (Woodwork), Mrs Sotunde (Economics), Dr. Alafe-Aluko (Principal), Mr. Onayinka (Integrated Science/Biology), Mr. Ogundipe (English Language), Mr. Balogun (Auto-mechanics), Mr. G.O. Kehinde (Principal), Mr. Felix (History) and Mr. Ibikunle (Principal).

And pertaining to other teachers at COMPRO at different times from establishment in 1963 to date, excluding the period 1975-1980, the following teachers are, among others recognized and appreciated: Dr. John Sly (1926 – 2004) (Pioneer Principal; an American), Chief Sofenwa (Principal), Chief M. A. O. Kuti (Guidance Counsellor), Mr. Bullock (Principal) and Chief J. B. O. Ojo (First Indigenous Principal). With respect to other staff, including non-teaching staff, who played complementary role in the students’ life, the following are recognized as representatives of others: Mr. Oyegbami (Guidance Counsellor), Mr. Nana (Blue House Master), Mrs. Bello (Kitchen supervisor), Mrs. Akande (Catering Officer), Rev. Ayodele (Christian Fellowship Adviser), Mr. Oyedele (Games Master) and Mr. Okafor (aka Baba Okafor) (Cook).

Appreciation also goes to the founding fathers, proprietors and partner organizations of COMPRO including the following: (a) The Government of Western Region of Nigeria (b) United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (c) Ford Foundation, USA (d) Harvard University, USA, which provided substantial number of the initial teaching staff (e) Dr. Adam Skapski, late USAID staff and Education Advisor of Ford Foundation (f) Chief H. M. B. Somade, late Chief Inspector of Education, Western Region of Nigeria.

The following teachers at Ebenezer African Church Primary School, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria between 1969 and 1975 are used as a point of contact and appreciation to all teachers across the globe at the pre-primary and primary school levels: Mr. Ogunwunmi, Mrs. Bolarinwa, Mr. E.O. Ogunlola (Headmaster), Mrs. Bolarin, Mr. Ajao, Mrs. Onafuwa and Mr. Faturoti (Scout Master, 4th Ibadan West Troop).

And finally, this is to pay glowing tributes to the founders/authorities of African Church Incorporated (established in 1901 with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria), the proprietors of Ebenezer African Church Primary Schools. They are appreciated for the opportunity to study in the primary school at Oke-Ado, to worship in their cathedral during the annual thanksgiving service marking the school bazaars, and for the general impartation/knowledge received in the school.

Bamidele Oluwade [Olopade], Ph.D ; President, Society for the Advancement of ICT & Comparative Knowledge (SOCTHADICK)

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