-To make valid meanings out of the complex voluminous and inter-related conveyors and processes of knowledge transmission, impartation and acquisition in the universe.

-To connect the past knowledge processes with the present.

-To mutually learn informally from the knowledge adventures of members.To appreciate teachers as major conveyors of knowledge.

-To appreciate knowledge as a key concept in creation.

-To appreciate past and present classmates, schoolmates and colleagues in the formal knowledge environment, and provide a forum to connect with them.

-To appreciate non-teaching support staff without whom the knowledge delivery and acquisition process may be unpleasant.

-To use the knowledge gained in the knowledge acquisition process as a basis for engendering communal wealth, peace and tranquility.

-To gain reasonable, non-dogmatic and intuitive understanding of the invisible world as part of the universe.

-To gain reasonable, non-dogmatic and intuitive understanding of the connection between the physical world and the non-physical world.

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